While riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable activity for many, it also presents certain risks. If a motorcyclist is involved in an accident with a car or truck, many types of injuries may result. One common example is a broken collarbone. This type of break involves the clavicle bone located near the shoulder. It is one of three bones contained in the shoulder joint. It also connects the shoulder blade to the sternum. If a motorcyclist is involved in a crash and the collarbone absorbs the shock of the impact, a break may result. There are many complications that can develop after a broken collarbone. Fortunately for victims, the party responsible for the crash may be liable for the expenses relating to these complications.

Six Types of Complications After a Broken Collarbone Caused by a Motorcycle Accident

What types of complications may occur after a broken collarbone? The following are six examples:

Nerve damage.

A broken collarbone may result in jagged ends on the bone that can then injure nearby nerves and blood vessels. If you suffer from nerve damage due to a broken collarbone, you may experience ongoing numbness and tingling in the area.

Inability to heal properly.

In some cases, the broken collarbone may heal poorly, or may heal over a delayed time period. As a result, the collarbone may be permanently shorter than it was prior to the motorcycle crash.

Bulging above the broken collarbone.

Some broken collarbones result in a large bump that develops above the break. This bump may be permanent.

Frozen shoulder.

In order to treat the broken collarbone, your physician may have to immobilize the bone. As a result, you may experience a decrease in your range of motion after the crash.

Bone infection.

In some cases, the break in the collarbone is so severe that the bone actually pierces the skin. This can result in an infection. Infections are very dangerous complications that can be life threatening and require immediate treatment.


Some broken collarbones are so severe that they cause damage to the shoulder or sternum joints. As a result, the victim may develop arthritis in that area.

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