see a doctor after a truck crashEven if you feel fine after a truck collision, you should see a doctor right away. Of course, if you don’t feel fine, you want to seek medical care immediately. In other cases where the injuries seem “minor” or you think that you can tough it out, you are making a big mistake that could jeopardize your health and your claim for compensation if you do not seek prompt medical care.

Why You Should Seek Medical Treatment Even If You Do Not Think You Were Injured

In any crash with a truck, you should be checked out by your doctor or another physician within about 48 hours of your crash. Here is why you should do so:

Find hidden injuries.

Adrenaline from the wreck could mask symptoms of an injury or you could have an injury where the symptoms take days or weeks to develop. Conditions like back, neck, and spinal injuries, traumatic brain injury, or internal organ damage and bleeding can fall into this category. By the time you experience the symptoms, the injuries could have become more serious or even life-threatening.

Document your injury.

By seeking medical care right away, you document your concerns about your health and make it easier to prove the causal relationship between the injuries and your truck wreck. This is especially important when your symptoms take longer to develop.

Avoid disputes.

Even when the liability of the negligent trucker is not in dispute, the insurance company will try to argue about the seriousness of the victim’s injuries when possible. By not going to the doctor right away, you give them arguments that your injuries were caused by another incident or that they are not as serious as you now claim or you would have sought treatment sooner.

Following up on your doctor’s advice and continuing with your treatment is also important. Lengthy periods of time when you were not obtaining the medical care your doctor recommended can also lead to disputes regarding how serious your injuries really are.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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