When a drunk driver causes you or a family member to suffer injuries in a drunk driving auto crash in North Richland Hills, it can be overwhelming to deal with the sudden worries about your health and your lack of income while you are off work recovering. Like other DWI crash victims, you are most likely anxious to complete your settlement with the negligent motorist’s insurance company. However, it is important to be realistic about what this time frame really is and understand why it could take longer to receive your compensation than you would like.

Factors That Impact the Time It Will Take to Settle Your North Richland Hills DWI Claim

Unfortunately, even an experienced drunk driving crash attorney cannot tell you precisely how long it will take him to settle your case. This is because each case is unique and has its own set of issues that may cause delays in resolving the claim with the insurance company. However, there are a number of factors that can impact the time it takes for an accident victim to receive their money. Some of the factors that could make the process take longer include:

Your medical treatment.

If you have not fully recovered from your injuries or reached your maximum medical improvement where you have recovered as much as you will or have received a final diagnosis, this could delay your settlement. Your attorney will want to know this information so that he can accurately value your future wage loss, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Disputes with the insurance company.

Even if the drunk driver’s liability in causing your collision is clear cut, there is a strong likelihood that the insurance company will raise disputes about fault, the severity of your injuries, or both. Depending on how complicated these disputes are, it could take your attorney longer to obtain the evidence to disprove the insurance company’s position and convince them to be reasonable.

Large claim.

It could take longer to settle your claim if you suffered catastrophic injuries that makes the value of your claim higher—common in DWI wrecks. In general, insurance companies take longer to investigate and resolve these cases.

Insurance company.

Some insurance companies have a reputation for being more difficult to work with—at least in getting what the victims are owed. Part of their goal is to wear the victim down into accepting less than what they are entitled to. If the insurance company for the negligent driver falls within this category, your attorney can file a lawsuit or take other steps to ensure that your case gets resolved as quickly as possible.

Are you frustrated because of how long it is taking to settle your North Richland Hills DWI crash claim? The important thing to remember is that you may need to wait to receive what you deserve. 

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