protecting claims when hit by drunk driverWhile any car accident can be serious, a drunk driving wreck in North Richland Hills can be even more catastrophic. Unfortunately, you or your loved ones could be the victim of a DWI crash when driving to the North East Mall, Dickie’s Barbecue, or another location in our busy city if an impaired person decides to drive. If you are in this unfortunate situation, you need to take immediate steps to protect your right to compensation.

Take These Important First Steps to Protect Your Claim After a North Richland Hills TX Drunk Driving Accident

You want to make your claim for compensation against the negligent driver as strong as possible so that you receive all that you deserve in your settlement. You cannot begin to do this too early. Here are some critical steps you want to take right after your crash:

Obtain medical care.

Your first step should be to obtain immediate medical care if you or another person suffered any injuries in the wreck. Even if you do not think you were injured, you want to be examined by your doctor in North Richland Hills soon after the wreck because the symptoms of some conditions do not appear right away. By doing so, you protect your health and avoid disputes as to whether your injuries were caused in the wreck.

Contact police.

At the scene of the collision, you should contact the North Richland Hills Police Department and then obtain a copy of the police report. You can find information about how to order the police report online on their website. The police report will contain vital information, such as contact information for the driver, his statement, a summary of how the wreck occurred, and the officer’s conclusions as to who was at fault.

Take pictures.

You should take pictures and videos of the damage to the vehicles, road and weather conditions, your injuries, and anything else important to how the collision occurred. If you see any signs that the driver is drunk, such as use of mouthwash, slurred speech, or stumbling when walking, try to document this.

Get contact information.

You should obtain the contact information for the drunk driver and his vehicle. It is especially important to obtain contact information for any witnesses to your crash who may move out of North Richland Hills or forget important details if you do not obtain their statement quickly.

Attend hearings.

You need to attend any court hearings and provide evidence if necessary if the drunk driver is being prosecuted for DWI. This will strengthen your claim for compensation against him and may prevent him from causing another tragic wreck.

Retain an attorney.

You should retain an experienced car crash attorney as soon as possible. He can file your claim for you, investigate the cause of your wreck, collect the evidence you need to prove the other driver’s negligence, and negotiate your settlement.

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