According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texans have the highest risk of suffering from a drunk driving accident than any other inhabitants in the nation. Every DUI Injury Attorneyyear, over 17,000 Texas collisions result from incidences of drunk driving, killing over 1,200 drivers, passengers, and families. As a result of this alarming figure, enforcement for driving under the influence (DUI) has dramatically increased throughout the Lone Star state.

However, even though DUI arrest rates have increased to nearly 90,000 a year, traumatic DUI accidents still occur on a regular basis. This is why it is important to know what to do if you fall victim to a drunk driver. The answer to that question is—get proper representation following your injury due to a drunk driver!

Come Prepared For Your DUI Injury Case

Unfortunately, finding the right lawyer for your case may not be as straight forward as it should be, especially if you’ve never had representation before. Therefore, what you should do is interview prospective attorneys in order to find the one that best fits your needs. In doing so, you’ll increase your knowledge about your legal rights, discover your best injury settlement options, and learn what your potential lawyer can do for you and your family. However, you don’t want to waste your valuable time on hours of interviews. This is why once you make an appointment to speak with an attorney, you should always come prepared to:

  • Learn about the attorney's background, experience, and goals for your case
  • Discuss your case and talk about potential options and strategies to get the settlement you want.
  • Determine whether this is the lawyer you need to represent you and your family

To take full advantage of the time you have with the attorney, make sure you bring the following documentation with you to the interview.

  • The police report of the crash
  • Witness statements that you may have obtained after the accident
  • Medical records denoting all injuries suffered by any passengers as a result of the collision
  • Photos of the wreckage and injuries
  • Medical documentation of required long-term treatments and care
  • Hospital receipts (if applicable at time of interview)
  • Any other paperwork the police may have given you

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

If you've been injured by a drunk driver in Texas you need to speak with an experienced drunk driver injury attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Colleyville office directly at 817.485.8888 to schedule your free consultation.

When you choose us, you become part of our family, and we fight tooth and nail for our family! Call now to let us help you get the compensation, peace of mind, and justice you deserve.

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