Posted on Sep 22, 2011
When the driver of a truck hits a pedestrian, we often leap to conclusions, assuming that the driver was at fault. Often, this is the case, and inattention is most often the cause. However, a recent Fort Worth crash that involved a pedestrian and a truck appears to be the fault of the pedestrian.

The driver of a pickup, whose name has not been released, was backing out of his spot in a parking garage when he felt a bump. The bump was his truck hitting 24-year-old Grant Morby. The driver of the truck got out to see what had happened and found that he had, in fact, hit the young man. However, when he tried to help the man, he found that he was uncooperative because he was intoxicated.

Unable to help, and assuming the man was all right, the driver left, giving his business card to the attendant at the garage.

Soon after, the garage attendant walked up to the second level of the garage and found Morby on the ground, complaining of a pain in his side. Morby was taken to the hospital where it was found that the impact of the crash had severely lacerated his liver. At the time of this report Morby was still in critical condition, though family members stated that he was progressing well.

The staff and attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that the accident victim is on his way to recovering fully from his injuries.

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