There are several areas in Texas that are considered dangerous for people who like to walk, including the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Pedestrian crashes and fatalities are increasing across the U.S., and Texas is among the top ten most dangerous states for pedestrians.

In Texas, pedestrians do not automatically have the right of way, and this has led to a rise in auto-pedestrian crashes. Pedestrians can be at a disadvantage with regard to liability because they’re often seriously injured in a crash and at the hospital and are unable to explain their version of what happened to the police.

Know the Most Dangerous Areas in Texas for Pedestrians

According to the recent report Dangerous by Design, three Texas urban areas made the top 20 in their list of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians. Because an auto-pedestrian crash can be catastrophic, it’s important that you know what these cities are. In order of their national ranking, they are:

Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown.

This metro area is ranked the seventh most dangerous for pedestrians in the U.S. and fifth for pedestrian deaths. Because over 70% of fatal pedestrian crashes happen in urban areas, it makes sense that the densely populated, lively, and fast-paced city of Houston would be a dangerous place for pedestrians.

Dallas-Fort Worth.

Ranked the 12th most dangerous city for pedestrians, the rate of pedestrian fatalities is rising in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contributing factors include the lack of well-lighted crosswalks and street corners.

San Antonio.

This Texas city is ranked the 18th most deadly place for pedestrians. The study found that between 2003 and 2012, there were 373 pedestrian deaths in San Antonio.

Even if you take great care while walking and crossing the street, you can’t predict how drivers will react or behave behind the wheel. And it’s difficult for a pedestrian to avoid an approaching vehicle traveling at a high speed. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Pedestrian Accident?

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