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Bus Accidents, Deaths, Prompt Lawmakers to Address Bus Safety

Posted on May 30, 2011

In Texas, bus accidents are an all too common reality.  Nearly each week in Texas there are reports of a bus crashing.  Though some accidents don't do any major damage, too many cause serious injuries and deaths.  To combat this growing problem, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Sen. Sherrod Brown have introduced legislation that would increase the safety of buses across the nation. 

According to Sen. Hutchison, "Our legislation would make several commonsense safety improvements, such as requiring safety belts on all new buses and providing stronger windows and crush-resistant roofs to protect passengers in the event of a crash."

Other parts of the proposed legislation would require more stringent bus safety inspections, vehicle tracking devises and motorcoach training.  Currently, federal regulations do not require special training for bus drivers.  All of the proposed changes have been recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. 

As bus accident attorneys in North Texas, we know how deadly a bus accident can be.  We hope that increased safety measures would reduce the number of Texans injured and killed each year during bus accidents.

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