Texas is a beautiful state: the cities, the landscape, and the restaurants-it seems tourists are drawn to us, looking for a good time at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, as an experienced Fort Worth bus accident attorney can tell you: when you're looking for a good time on the cheap, sometimes you get what you pay for.  

For instance, many companies that run bus tours to Mexico operate out of Texas. What you might not know is that a lot of these charter bus companies are taking chances on safety-and often getting away with it.  

Some things to watch out for before you book a bus tour in Texas:  
  • Tourism is a large trade, and unqualified drivers will often use unwitting visitors to make a profit. Some bus companies that claim to be "independently owned and operated" could simply be local individuals who own a bus and set a price for tours.
  • Although many of the "day trip" and "weekend getaway" charter buses to Mexico have a pickup point in Texas, they officially operate outside of the country. Many of the buses-and their drivers-are not federally regulated, and the safety of the vehicles and competence of the operators may go unchecked as a result.
  • Since many incoming tourists book their travel arrangements online, they may not be aware of the state of the company they've booked with. Opting for a cheap tour with a decent website is no guarantee of a company's reputation or experience.
  • If the tour driver is inexperienced, there is a danger of missing a turn, speeding, or taking unnecessary risks when driving a vehicle they are unfamiliar with. This can be deadly in Mexico, as more than one tour bus has driven off a steep cliff while climbing a mountain for scenic vacation photos.

Too often, unregulated bus companies are only interested in the maximum amount of profit they can make. With no inspectors to keep them in check, they can choose whether or not to adhere to safety standards. It's simple math: vehicle repairs cost money. Paying experienced drivers costs more than hiring inexperienced ones. A vehicle's maximum capacity may be 46 riders, but 52 can fit tightly and that's ten more dollars a head...the list goes on. With each missed safety standard, these bus companies are rolling the dice, waiting for an accident-and it's your life they're gambling with.  

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