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Involvement in a car crash can pose a risk for everyone, but pregnant women are especially prone to experience serious injuries that put them and their unborn children in harms way. Knowing the problems that could occur because of the collision may help you take the appropriate steps to potentially avoid them.

Placental Separation

The force of the car accident can cause placental separation, in which the placenta becomes unattached from the uterus. This type of injury is quite serious and can cause death for the unborn child. Along with the collision, the steering wheel and seat belt could also cause placental separation.

Premature Labor

Accidents can be stressful to both the body and mind. A car crash could cause a major shock to the body and cause contractions. These contractions can put the woman into labor, even if she and the baby are nowhere near being ready.


The tightening of the seat belt, or the steering wheel pressing into the stomach, can cause the mother-to-be to begin bleeding. Excessive bleeding is quite dangerous and can result in miscarriage.


The accident itself can cause a miscarriage. Additionally, so can the seat belt, the steering wheel or any major blood loss.

Birth Defects

Some types of injuries can cause the fetus to go without oxygen for a certain amount of time. If the baby is without oxygen for too long, birth defects can occur.

An auto collision can cause even the healthiest mother to endure severe injuries, in addition to injuries to her baby.

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