It is estimated that 300 to 1,000 unborn babies are killed in car accidents each year. The number is estimated because states are not required to track or keep data on fetal deaths. Information is widely available to help you protect a baby or a child in a car—a properly installed and used car seat—but how do you protect your unborn baby? What precautions can you take? If there is a collision, how can your Grapevine car crash attorney help you?

Seat Belt

Always wear your seat belt and wear it right! Most pregnant women will find the seat belt uncomfortable as the months go on, but it is never an option not to wear the belt. Make sure that the lap band is on your pelvis and not resting on your abdomen. Also, the shoulder strap should reach across your body and not move off to the side.

Steering Wheel

The further away you are from the wheel, the better. Some cars have a button that allows you to extend the height of the gas and brake pedal. There are also pedal extenders that may be used. If you are too close to the steering wheel, your abdomen may strike it in the event of a Grapevine car crash. Sitting a few inches further away can make all the difference.

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If you or your unborn child has been injured in a car accident in Grapevine or anywhere in Texas, please seek medical treatment. 

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