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A Bedford Car Crash May Lead to an Unnoticed Concussion

A closed head injury, or a concussion, is a common car crash injury seen by the Bedford car crash attorneys at the Hart Law Firm. It is often difficult to diagnose a concussion because there may not be any physical, external markings that show injury.

When does a concussion happen?

You may be at risk of a concussion when your head is impacted by a moving object or a non-moving object during the car collision. In a Bedford car crash, your head has the potential to hit the steering wheel, windshield, side windows, or the seat in front of you. However, your head does not physically have to hit another object to have a concussion.


The speed of the car can affect the brain and lead to a concussion. If the driver is going 45 miles per hour and suddenly hits another car, brain goes from 45 mph to 0 mph in an instant. Your brain, though your head did not hit another object, has just hit the hard bone of your skull.

What happens next?

As you and your body propel forward, your brain goes along with it—but the full injury is not over yet. After flying forward, your body is going to fly back toward its original position. Your brain follows the same path. Not only did your brain hit the front of the skull, it has now hit the back of it as well. This leads to concussion and bruising in both the front and back of the brain.

Seek medical help immediately after a car crash whether you see external trauma or not. Remember that your brain violently moves along with your body during a car crash; you do not want to take any chances of permanent damage. If you or your loved one has been in a Bedford car wreck that resulted in a head injury, please call your Bedford car crash attorney at the Hart Law Firm.

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