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Truck Dash Cam Footage Can Be Powerful Evidence in Your Truck Wreck Case

truck dash cam footage as evidence in a crashWhen there are disputes over who caused a truck collision, the injured victim will have the burden of proving the trucker’s and trucking company’s negligence. Evidence, such as photographs of the damage to the vehicles, witness statements, and expert witness testimony, can be useful. In addition, the trucker’s daily log, his employment file, the truck’s black box, and the trucking company’s written policies and procedures can prove violations of federal regulations and other negligent actions. Another strong piece of evidence that should not be overlooked is the truck’s dash cam footage.

Two Types of Truck Dash Cameras and the Footage They Show

Dash cameras have only recently been installed in some commercial trucks by trucking companies to improve safety and prevent at least some truck driver negligent behaviors. There are no federal regulations requiring trucking companies to install them in trucks. There are two types of dash cams, and they provide different information in an accident:

  • Driver-facing dashboard cameras. Similar to dash cams in police cars, these cameras record the truck driver’s activities while he was driving. This footage can help show if he was engaged in any dangerous practices, such as driving when drowsy, intoxicated, eating and drinking, texting, or other distracted driving practices, at the time of your crash.
  • Front-facing cameras. Front-facing cameras record what is happening in front of the truck. The footage can show if the trucker was driving too close to another vehicle, made a dangerous lane change, or was negligent when making a wide turn. This information in combination with the data from the black box can help determine how the wreck occurred.

Let the Hart Law Firm Help You Fight for the Compensation You Deserve

If you were injured in a truck crash, you need to retain an experienced truck wreck attorney as soon as possible to obtain the dash cam footage before it is taped over or destroyed. In addition, it is unlikely that the trucking company would voluntarily provide you with this evidence unless you are represented by an attorney. Our experienced legal team understands the importance of sending the trucking company a spoliation letter quickly to put the company on notice of your claim and advise them of the documents and other evidence—such as dash camera footage—that should not be destroyed. To learn more about our experience in these cases and how we can assist you contact us online or call us directly at 817.380.4888 to schedule your free consultation.

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