dangers of rental trucksUnfortunately, big-rig trucks and their drivers are not the only cause of truck wrecks. People often rent trucks from businesses such as U-Haul and Budget for a short period of time to move into a new residence or to haul old appliances, furniture, or supplies. Unlike many commercial trucks, rental trucks are often driven in neighborhoods when loading or delivering what is being transported. When drivers of these vehicles are negligent, a tragic wreck can occur, causing victims to suffer devastating injuries or even death.

What Are Common Causes of Rental Truck Accidents?

When a rental truck crash happens, who is liable can be complex and will be determined based on how the wreck occurred. Ideally, a victim would like to hold the truck rental company responsible at least in part because they most likely have more liability coverage than the driver. While not always possible, this claim can be successful in some situations—with the help of an experienced truck wreck attorney. Common causes of these collisions include:

Driver negligence.

While truck rental companies may claim that just about anyone can drive a rental truck, this is not true. When inexperienced drivers are unable to brake properly, do not realize the size of their blind spots, or engage in other negligent actions, they may be responsible for compensating victims of the crash.

Negligent entrustment.

If the driver did not have a valid license, was intoxicated, or otherwise appeared incapable of driving a rental truck, the rental company could face liability for renting the truck to the person anyway.

Negligent maintenance.

Not only do these companies rent out their trucks to inexperienced drivers, but they also sometimes rent out vehicles in need of repair or maintenance. If this contributed to the driver causing a wreck, this would be another way to hold the rental company responsible for compensating the victim.

Unsafe truck.

In some cases, rental companies continue to rent out trucks that have outlived their usefulness and are no longer really safe to drive in an effort to save money. The wear and tear on these trucks may be faster due to their frequent use and number of miles traveled. If this contributes to the driver causing a crash, the victim could file a claim with the rental company’s insurer.

Improper loading.

In some cases, the driver does not know how to load the truck properly and causes a rollover or other crash. In this situation, the driver would be at fault and responsible for paying the compensation that the victim is owed.

Defective parts.

If defective parts on the rental truck caused or contributed to the collision, a victim could have a products liability claim against the parts and truck manufacturer. When the rental company knew of the defect because of a recall and failed to get the problem corrected, it could face liability as well.

Did a negligent driver of a rental truck cause you to suffer injuries in a wreck? You need to hold him and any other negligent parties accountable for compensating you for your injuries. 

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