While there are often many people at the scene of a serious bus accident, including passengers, drivers, police officers, insurance adjustors, witnesses, and emergency response personnel, many victims of bus accidents find out weeks or months later that they don’t have the documents and information they need to hold the bus company responsible for their injuries. Don’t make the same mistake—here’s what you need to know about collecting information after you’ve been involved in a bus accident.

Collecting Information to Support Your Injury Claim After a Bus Accident

If you are able, or if you can recruit a friend or family member to help, try to gather some basic information at the scene of the bus accident. This might include:

  • The bus driver’s name, license information, and employee number.
  • The plate number of the bus and the name of the bus company.
  • Contact and insurance information for other drivers involved in the accident.
  • Contact information from witnesses at the scene.
  • Photographs and written accounts of the scene, the damage caused, and what might have caused the crash.

If you were seriously injured, transported from the scene, or otherwise unable to collect information on your own, you can call an experienced attorney to help you obtain the information you need. An attorney may also be able to collect evidence to support your claim that may not be as obvious, such as security videos, company records, expert testimony, and more.

Important Evidence From the Scene of a Bus Accident Can Fade Away Fast

If you don’t take immediate action to protect your rights after a bus accident, you may be unable to get the evidence you need when you are ready to file an injury claim against the bus company. Witnesses, physical evidence, important documentation, and even your own memories of the event can quickly disappear. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Bus Accident?

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