Car WreckWhen you are involved in an auto collision in Grapevine, you may be shocked to discover that the negligent driver’s insurance company fights his responsibility for compensating you. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon when innocent drivers are injured in crashes. However, you do have ways to protect your legal right to compensation for your injuries. One way to do this is by obtaining an experienced car crash attorney who can help you collect the evidence you need to hold the other driver accountable.

Types of Evidence You Will Need in Your Grapevine Car Accident Case

Key pieces of evidence are the building blocks of your case against the negligent driver. Evidence can support your story of how the wreck occurred and how badly you were injured. It can also enable you to refute the insurance adjuster’s arguments as to why your claim should be denied or reduced and enable you to win your jury trial if you are unable to reach a settlement. If possible, you want to begin collecting the evidence you need right at the crash scene. Evidence you will need could include the following:

Photographs Of Your Car Wreck

Photographs of the scene of the collision and the damage to the vehicles involved in the collision can graphically show how serious the wreck was and help to prove how it occurred. In addition, pictures of your injuries can show that you were injured and have an emotional effect on the jury.

Car Accident Police Report

The police report will contain helpful information, such as the negligent driver’s statement, the officer’s narration of how the crash occurred and who was at fault, and whether the other driver received a citation. This can be powerful evidence to convince the insurance adjuster that his insured—and not you—caused the crash.

Medical Records and Bills

Because your claim is for the injuries you suffered, your medical records will be essential to establish how serious your injuries are, the medical treatments you need, and whether you will make a full recovery. Your medical bills can prove the cost of your medical care and the value of this portion of your claim.

Employment Records

You are entitled to be compensated for your lost wages, sick and vacation time, commissions, bonuses, and other perks of your job. Your paystubs and other employment records can substantiate your financial losses and help your attorney calculate the wage losses you have incurred.

Witness testimony

Witnesses can help corroborate how the crash occurred as well as how your injuries have affected your life. Your attorney will want to obtain statements from witnesses to your collision—especially neutral witnesses who have no personal stake in your claim—before their memories fade or they disappear.

Expert Witnesses

Depending on the disputes with the insurance company, your attorney may decide to hire expert witnesses to help you prove certain aspects of your case. Medical experts, crash reconstruction experts, and economic experts are just some of the experts who are often needed in these cases.

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