Although the dangers of drunk driving are well-known, many irresponsible drivers continue to consume alcohol and drive in Grapevine. This can result in you or a family member suffering catastrophic injuries while commuting to work in Dallas on Interstate 635 or enjoying a dinner with your family in Grapevine’s historic downtown. You can hold the drunk driver accountable for compensating you for your injuries, but you will need the assistance of an experienced car crash attorney to obtain the justice you DWI Victim Compensationdeserve.

Types of Compensation You Should Request in a Grapevine Drunk Driving Accident

If you suffered injuries or a loved one died as a result of a DWI accident in Grapevine, you need to understand the types of compensation you are entitled to under Texas law. It is important to know this so you ask for and receive everything you are owed in your settlement. Types of compensation you may deserve include:

Medical bills.

You are entitled to be compensated for any medical expenses you incur at Baylor Scott & White Family Medicine or another Grapevine healthcare facility due to the drunk driving wreck. You can request compensation for your hospitalization, surgery, doctor visits, physical therapy, medications, diagnostic tests, and any other medical treatments you need. If your home in Grapevine needs modifications, such as a wheelchair ramp, or you need a wheelchair or other assistive aids, be certain that you request these costs as well.


You could be off work for months or longer while you recover from your injuries. The drunk driver should compensate you for your lost wages and other employment-related losses, such as lost sick and vacation time, bonuses, promotions, and other perks of your job. If you are permanently disabled or must make a career change due to your injuries, you may also be entitled to lost earning capacity damages.

Pain and suffering.

If you are like most victims of drunk driving crashes in Grapevine, you may have suffered significant pain and suffering from your injuries and the limitations in your life they are causing. You need the assistance of an experienced car crash attorney to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for this portion of your claim.

Property damage.

The drunk driver is responsible for compensating you for towing costs, car rental fees, and the cost to repair or replace your vehicle and any property in it that was damaged.

Wrongful death.

Did the drunk driver cause the death of a loved one? You may be able to file a wrongful death action to obtain compensation for the comfort, advice, financial support, and more that your family member provided to you.

Punitive damages.

Exemplary damages can be awarded to punish the drunk driver if his actions in causing your Grapevine crash were extremely negligent. Because drunk driving wrecks can be more catastrophic, the likelihood that you will receive this type of damage is greater than in other car wreck cases.

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