Alcohol affects a person’s body in many different ways, including his ability to drive safely. Even when his blood alcohol level is within the legal limit, a person’s driving could be negatively impacted. For example, his reaction time could be slowed or his coordination lessened. Unfortunately, victims of these preventable crashes are the ones who suffer when they are injured or killed in a collision.

What Are the Common Injuries That Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents Suffer?

Drunk drivers are less likely to take evasive actions to prevent a crash than sober ones. Because of this and the unsafe driving practices they engage in, a victim’s injuries tend to be much more serious—if they are not fatal. Common injuries people suffer include:

Traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most common injuries victims suffer. It can cause devastating changes to a person’s memory, reasoning, emotions, vision, hearing, and more that can limit his ability to work and to perform basic day-to-day activities.

Spinal injuries.

If the spine is injured seriously, a person can suffer partial to complete paralysis. In addition, discs can rupture or slip, causing him to experience chronic pain and nerve damage.

Organ damage.

Internal injuries including organ damage can be life-threatening and often requires emergency medical care and surgery. The lungs, kidneys, and the spleen are the most common internal organs injured in a wreck.

Limb injuries.

Broken or crushed limbs caused by a drunk driving crash can require surgery and long-term physical therapy. In more serious cases, a person’s arm, leg, or other body part could be amputated either in the wreck or while the person is undergoing medical treatment.

Soft tissue injuries.

Torn or stretched ligaments, tendons, and muscles in a person’s shoulder, back, or neck can limit his ability to move and cause long-term chronic pain. A person could need a year or more of physical therapy before surgery is even considered.


When the crash is serious enough, the vehicles involved in the collision could explode and catch on fire. A victim could suffer serious burns that could result in permanent disfigurement and scarring, infections, and psychological trauma.

Have You Or A Loved One Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

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