A traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by the impact of a car crash can have a lifelong affect on the crash victim.  Doctors may not know for months, even years, the true impact of the injury, making the time after a serious crash exceedingly stressful.  Our Texas personal injury attorneys have see many lives negatively affected by a traumatic brain injury and would like you to know more about the injury and its possible long term effects.  As with any injury sustained during a wreck, be sure that you are seen by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Ways the Brain is Injured

Though we mostly associate brain injuries with high speed crashes, even a crash that occurs at lower speeds can cause a TBI.  The following brain injuries represent two of the ways the brain may be injured during an impact:


The brain can become bruised when it slams into the skull during a crash. The impact can cause blood vessels within the brain tissue to tear, releasing blood into the cranial cavity. When this happens, pressure builds within the skull, damaging, even killing off vital areas of the brain. One of the dangers of bleeding within the brain is that a person may walk away from the crash feeling fine, only to show signs of the injury later, after the damage has already been done. This is why it is crucial that you are seen by a doctor after any crash, even if you feel "fine". To treat the swelling caused by a head injury, doctors often insert an intra-cranial pressure monitor to relieve the pressure building in the skull.


The brain can also tear during a crash. When this happens, microscopic tears in the brain that can sever the wiring in the brain. As this occurs on a microscopic level, the injury cannot be detected through the use of a CT scan or MRI. Only a doctor with extensive experience in head injuries can properly diagnose brain tears

The staff and attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that the above information helps you better understand the seriousness of a brain injury.  If you have hit your head during any type of accident: car, pedestrian or motorcycle, see a doctor immediately.  Even if you are feeling OK, it's important that you are examined and monitored.  Treatment is most effective when it begins as soon as possible after the crash. 

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