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Internal Injuries- A Serious Injury Seen in Too Many Texas Auto Crashes

Internal injuries are all too common in car crashes in Grapevine and across Texas. The impact of the crash can cause many injuries that cannot be seen from an external medical exam. Too many of these injuries are missed and are only discovered when the crash victim is admitted to the hospital in serious distress.

Types of Internal Injuries Caused by Car Crashes

The following is a list of some common internal injuries that are caused by both minor and major car crashes:

  • Broken ribs- Broken ribs can either put pressure on or pierce the lungs.
  • Pneumothorax- When a broken rib does pierce the lung it can collapse, the air escaping from the lung filling the chest cavity. This condition may not cause pain or breathing issues, so it commonly overlooked during an external exam.
  • Ruptured spleen- The spleen is located on the left side and if the impact of the collision affects this side the spleen can rupture. Internal bleeding from this injury is usually severe and often requires surgery.
  • Rupture of abdominal aorta- This internal injury is usually fatal. It occurs when the stomach is compressed, rupturing the aorta.
  • Organ damage- While the kidneys and liver are most commonly injured, any organ that is injured during a crash can cause internal bleeding.

What You Should Do After a Car Crash

While we commonly see crash victims from Grapevine, we know that crashes can and do occur in every city in Texas. If you have been injured in an auto crash please be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent. If it has been a day, even a week after your crash, and you still don't feel quite right, please see a doctor.

When you are sure that your health is stable please contact an experienced attorney at the Hart Law Firm. Our expert legal advice, and free consultation, may be the key to winning your Grapevine car crash law suit.

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