Construction workers face many risks of serious injuries and death every time they are on a construction site. Electrocutions are one of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) “fatal four” of construction accidents. These can also lead to workers suffering serious electrical burns and life-altering injuries.

Four Common Types of Burns Texas Construction Workers Suffer

The severity of injuries a worker will suffer depends on the path of the current in his body. If the current passes through his heart, brain, or other vital organs, he could suffer much more serious injuries or death. Burns are a common injury caused by electric shock. Four types of burns construction workers suffer include:

True electrical burn.

These burns are caused when electricity enters the body—often through the person’s hand—and exits the body where there is a clear exit wound. The electricity can travel to the person’s heart, with deadly results, unless he gets immediate medical treatment.

Electrical arcs.

These burns occur when the electricity passes from its source to the ground, but through a person. They are often caused when a person has contact with a high-tension power line. The electricity can pass through many parts of his body, resulting in multiple injuries.

Flash burns.

When electrical contact causes electrical arcs on the skin, a person can suffer flash burns. While these burns often do not penetrate the skin, they can cause burns to large areas of the person’s body.

Flame burns.

These burns are the result of fire sparked by an electical charge. A person could suffer serious burns from the initial electric shock as well as from the resulting fire.

Burns caused by electricity can result in life-threatening and permanent damage to a person’s internal organs and result in other injuries like brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and serious fractures. If you were injured in an electrical accident, you could be off work for a long period of time—if you are able to return to work at all—and face staggering medical bills and lost wages. However, you may be entitled to compensation for these losses from your employer.  

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