If you’re a construction worker, you likely know just how dangerous the working conditions often are. Besides dealing with extreme Dallas heat, you are faced with towering heights, unsafe machinery, and lazy technicians who put your life at risk on a daily basis. Even with all the best safety equipment, you can still become seriously injured. The single biggest risk factor for construction workers is falling.

The Leading Cause of Construction Worker Deaths

You simply want to go to work to make money for you and your family. Unfortunately, doing so may cause you to lose money if you are injured or worse on the job. Knowing that falling on the job is the major cause of death among construction workers may prevent you from experiencing such a tragedy.

Falls claim hundreds of lives each year.

Working up high on ladders, scaffolds, buildings, and other equipment is the norm for many construction workers. Unfortunately, hundreds die each year from the danger. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) states that 5,000 construction workers die each year, and falls make up a majority of the cause.

Workers in Texas are prone to work-related fatalities.

According to a study conducted by Dallas Morning News, on average, a worker in Texas is 12 percent more likely to be killed on the job than someone doing the same job in another state. Construction sites in Texas are 22 percent deadlier than the national average.

The most at risk.

Forty percent of those who died were roofers, electricians, and others in the specialty construction trades. Many of the fatally injured were undocumented immigrants.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Construction Accident?

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