Working in the construction industry can be extremely rewarding, but workers also need to be aware of one important fact—their job is dangerous. Out of 4,175 worker fatalities in a private industry during 2012, 806 (19.3 percent) were in construction. This does not even count the thousands of serious construction injuries that occur every year. No one reports to work in the morning expecting to die, but unfortunately in the construction industry, statistics show fatal accidents are a real possibility.

To help educate individuals involved in construction, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has a list they call the "Fatal Four." The Fatal Four is made up of the four types of accidents that were responsible for more than half of construction worker deaths in 2012. OSHA says that eliminating these Fatal Four would save 437 workers' lives every year in America.

OSHA's Fatal Four for Construction Workers

  • Falls – 34.6 percent of construction deaths in 2012.
  • Struck by objects – 9.8 percent of construction deaths in 2012.
  • Electrocutions – 8.1 percent of construction deaths in 2012.
  • Caught-in or between objects – 1.6 percent of construction deaths in 2012.

Many of these types of accidents are highly preventable and are simply the result of negligence on the part of an individual or group. Sometimes an accident is the victim's fault, but many times, it is the fault of another person like a co-worker, supervisor, or contractor. It may be hard to determine who is responsible, but an experienced construction accident attorney will be able to investigate and ensure the negligent party or parties are held accountable.

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