If you are going on a business trip or vacation and are renting a car, you will certainly be asked this question: Do you want to purchase insurance to cover your car rental? If you say no or hesitate, the salesperson will probably warn you of the dire consequences of not buying it and how you could owe thousands of dollars if you got into a crash. You know you do not want to drive a rental vehicle without insurance. However, the car rental could add $15 to $30 to your daily rental fee, which can add up. Fortunately, you may already have other insurance to cover possible losses.

Two Insurance Policies You May Already Have

You may already have an insurance policy that will cover you if you get into a wreck in your rental car. Two sources to investigate include:

Your vehicle insurance policy.

Your own automobile insurance policy could provide insurance coverage for your rental car. You could have the same coverage and deductible as if you were in your own vehicle. Check your policy before renting a car.

Your credit card.

Many major credit cards, like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover provide some insurance coverage if you get in a crash in a rental car. However, there may be significant restrictions on vehicles and limitations on what damages they cover. So check this with your credit card company before you leave for your trip.

If another driver in a rental car caused your crash, you will need to look to his automobile insurance company and credit card as well as any car rental insurance policy to compensate you for your injuries. These cases can be more complicated with the multiple parties that could be responsible. 

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