Your chances of being injured in a drunk driving wreck in North Richland Hills may be greater than in other nearby communities due to the number of college students attending the University of Texas in Arlington and the University of North Texas. If you suffered injuries or a loved one was killed, you can hold the drunk driver responsible for compensating you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. When filing your claim with the driver’s insurance company, you do not want to make the mistake of treating your claim like a traditional car accident case.

Key Differences Between North Richland Hills Auto Accident and Drunk Driving Claims

In some ways, a drunk driving crash is the same as a standard car wreck. In both incidents, one or more vehicles causes a rear-end, head-on, T-bone, or other type of collision. However, there are important differences in the settlement of these claims that is important to understand if you are the victim in a drunk driving wreck, including:

Fault may be easier to prove.

While you still have to prove that the driver’s intoxication was the cause of your wreck, this may be easier to prove than fault in other crashes due to how alcohol impairs driving.

A DWI is a criminal case.

Unlike many car crashes, the driver could face DWI criminal charges as well as face civil liability to compensate you. You may need to obtain evidence from the criminal case—such as his blood test to prove his blood alcohol concentration—to help prove his negligence. In addition, if the driver pleads guilty in his criminal case, he may be found negligent per se—which is an automatic finding of negligence—in your civil case against him.

Punitive damages may be awarded.

Punitive damages are awarded in North Richland Hills auto collision cases to punish the driver rather than compensate the victims. However, you are more likely to be awarded this type of compensation if you are hit by a drunk driver than a negligent driver who was not intoxicated.

Other parties may be liable.

You may be able to hold the bar, restaurant, store, or social host who served the drunk driver alcohol liable for compensating you under Texas’ Dram Shop and Social Host Laws.

The value of your claim may be higher.

The value of your claim could be higher because you are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries or death in a drunk driving wreck. The possibility of being awarded punitive damages can also make your claim worth more.

Insurance companies will sit up and listen.

Insurance companies tend to take drunk driving cases more seriously. However, you will still need the assistance of an experienced car crash attorney to obtain the settlement you deserve.

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