workplace injury surveillence The Hart Law FirmDo you feel like someone is watching you? If you filed a claim for compensation following a workplace injury and work for a non-subscriber employer, you may not be paranoid in suspecting this. Your employer could be engaging in surveillance—more often than you even realize.

Why Would Your Non-Subscriber Employer Spy on You?

If you work for a non-subscriber employer, your claim for compensation could be substantial because you may be entitled to your full medical expenses, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. As a result, your employer and its insurance company will investigate your claim extensively and fight hard to deny or reduce your claim. They may hire a private investigator at various times during your case to engage in surveillance. Is this legal? As long as you are in public view, it is most likely legal for a private investigator to spy on you.

This investigator may not just watch you. He could also take pictures or video of you, interview neighbors or other third parties, or search your postings on social media sites. Some of the reasons that surveillance is conducted include:

  • Your employer is trying to catch you doing something that you claim you are too injured to do, such as lift a heavy bag, engage in a sports activity, or even do your errands if you claim you need assistance with this.
  • Your employer is trying to show that you are less seriously injured than you claim. For example, your employer could use a videotape of you walking without difficulty or lifting your child without any problem to prove this.

When you file a claim after a workplace injury, you need to be prepared that you could be under surveillance at any time until your claim is resolved. Your best strategy to defeat this is to follow up regularly on your medical care and to follow your doctor’s restrictions on what you can do at all times.

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