firefighter spraying fire hose at building fire The Hart Law FirmWorkers on construction sites face many dangers of workplace accidents in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. A fire or explosion is a devastating accident that can cause construction workers to suffer catastrophic injuries or death. A victim’s claim for compensation can be complicated if his employer is a non-subscriber, which is common in Texas.

Common Causes of Fires on Dallas/Fort Worth Construction Sites

Non-subscriber employers are those who have opted out of providing workers’ compensation benefits. They can be liable for compensating their employees who are injured on the job if they are even one percent at fault in causing the accident. There are numerous ways their negligence causes fires on construction sites:


There are many dangers of high heat and sparks on construction sites. Equipment, such as those used in welding, cutting, and grinding, can create sparks when being used that can catch fire on a person’s clothing, scrap wood, or other materials. Portable heating equipment used to dry paint or to provide workers with heat can overheat and cause a fire. Some fires are also caused when individuals smoke near combustible materials.

Safety Standards 

Employers need to follow safety guidelines for the use of tools with high heat or a flame and fire safety in general. They must also train their employees on safety precautions and use of these tools. A horrific fire can ignite when they fail to do so.

Electrical Errors 

Some fires occur when electrical wires short-circuit, explosives are not used properly, or there are insufficient ground fault protection or fire extinguishers. These are all accidents that employers could prevent by training workers and providing proper equipment.


There are often open sources of fuel, such as propane, gas lines, and acetylene, on construction sites that can cause a fire if they come in contact with a heat source.

Defective Equipment 

When tools, heating equipment, and electrical wiring are defective or in need of repair or replacement, they can cause a fire when being used. Employers have a duty to inspect and maintain them to prevent fires and other dangerous accidents.

Causes of Construction Site Explosions

Explosions on construction sites can injure even more workers than a fire. Individuals can suffer life-altering injuries, like traumatic brain injury, amputations, serious burns, or death. Common causes of explosions include:

  • Improper use or storage of chemicals
  • Pressurized containers that explode
  • Explosions in demolition projects that malfunction or are improperly used
  • Equipment in contact with live electrical wires

Have You Been Injured On A Texas Construction Site?

Was a loved one killed in a fire or explosion at a construction site in Dallas or Fort Worth? Did you suffer injuries in an accident? Our experienced workplace accident attorneys have extensive experience fighting for the rights of employees working for non-subscriber employers. To learn how we can assist you, contact us online or call our Texas office directly at 817.380.4888 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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