Texas is known for cowboys, Southern hospitality, and award-winning barbecue. Unfortunately, it is also known as being one of the most dangerous places in the country to work. According to a study conducted by the Dallas Morning News, those who work in Texas are 12 percent more likely to become hurt on the job than any other state.

In fact, Texas construction sites are 22 percent deadlier than the national average. This means that Texas workers suffered nearly 580 more deaths in the last 10 years than would be expected in the state based on the national average fatality rate. Why is this?

Taking a Closer Look At the Fatality Rate on Texas Construction Sites

While it’s no surprise that construction sites are dangerous, the fact that our construction workers are put in harm’s way more often than workers in other states is unacceptable. Here, we take a look at why the lives of our state’s workers are put in jeopardy every day.

Many workers are responsible for their own safety.

A majority of those who are killed in construction accidents are roofers, electricians, and others who are in specialized construction trades. Texas treats them as independent contractors, meaning they are responsible for their own training and safety, which may not be enough to keep them from getting hurt or killed on the job.

Workers aren’t forced to join unions.

As Texas is a right-to-work state, workers aren’t required to join unions. States with weak labor unions tend to have higher fatality rates.

State oversight doesn’t exist.

The state of Texas doesn’t have an occupational safety inspection agency, which means it is up to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to perform the job. Unfortunately, this agency’s resources are often spread too thin to provide adequate protection.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Construction Accident?

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