You’re driving down Highway 287 when out of nowhere—a vehicle slams right into you. As any mother-to-be, your first thought turns towards your baby, and if he or she is okay. You may need the help of doctor to tell you for sure, but a variety of symptoms may present themselves if something has gone wrong because of your car accident.


Cramping in a pregnant woman could occur for a variety of reasons, including dehydration and overexertion. Painful cramps can also happen if the shock of the crash puts you into labor. Being stressed can certainly cause cramping and contractions to begin, and so can a seat belt or steering wheel pressing against your stomach during the crash.


If you experienced bleeding after being involved in a car crash, there could be something terribly wrong. The bleeding could be the result of a placental separation, or even miscarriage. The blood could be slight or heavy. Either way—it is a sign of something potentially going wrong with your pregnancy.


Women often experience swelling throughout their pregnancies. If your face, hands or any other part of your body become suddenly swollen after your crash, your blood pressure could be dangerously high. Also called preeclampsia, high blood pressure is extremely dangerous to both mother and baby, and may result in an emergency C-section, even if the baby isn’t full term.

What Can I Do Now?

Any pregnant woman who is involved in an auto accident should seek medical treatment immediately—especially if she is experiencing any of the symptoms listed here.

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