When you’re driving down a busy road like Highway 287 and vehicles are speeding by and crowding in all around you, would you rather have a passenger in the vehicle with you, or a cell phone in your ear? Which do you think is safer and less likely to cause a distracted driving accident? The answer may surprise you.

Cell Phone Pro – Many Are Hands-Free

Yes, it is true that you can talk on a cell phone without having to use your hands. This means you can keep your hands on the wheel where they belong. Passengers, however, particularly kids, may require you to take your eyes off of the road and hands off of the wheel to attend to them.

Cell Phone Con – Phones Continue to Talk While Passenger’s Don’t

The person with whom you are speaking to on the phone has no idea you’ve just entered a busy intersection that requires your full attention, and he or she continues to talk and can cause you to become distracted. The person who is sharing the vehicle with you, however, may recognize that you need to focus, and will pause the conversation. Which could prevent you from getting into an accident. The passenger is more in tune to your needs than someone on the phone, and can help you stay focused and drive safely.

Cell Phone Con – Passengers Contribute to Your Safety

Passengers add another set of eyes to your driving, which means you may notice things you wouldn’t otherwise. Your passenger can alert you of a car that is about to pull in front of you, or a quickly changing light. The person to whom you are speaking cannot assist you with driving and may actually distract you enough to cause you to get into an accident.

All in all, it seems that riding with a passenger is safer than driving while talking on the phone. However, you can still become involved in a distracted driving accident either way.

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