The Driver Fatigue and Alertness Study (DFAS) has shown that fatigue and decreased alertness are often factors in commercial motor vehicle crashes.  Driver fatigue increases at night.  Allowing a higher night time speed limit when drivers of commercial motor vehicles are more subject to fatigue and impaired alertness seems irresponsible at best.. Truckers are also embracing the change, saying that a slightly faster speed limit will help them arrive at their destination sooner and less tired.

While we all hope that TX DOT and lawmakers are correct, that the higher speed limit will not affect the safety of motorists, it's hard to believe. Trucks already have an exceedingly long stopping distance. It can take a semi truck 250 feet to stop when traveling at 55 miles per hour. The distance grows as its speed increases, the chances of an accident increasing with it.

The most the nighttime speed will increase will be 5 miles per hour. Do you think that the increase will cause more accidents? Our attorneys certainly hope not. We already see too many injuries and deaths on the roads in and around Dallas. The burden these accidents place on those hurt in the crash and the families of those who lose a loved one are great. Adding to the number of victims can only bring more suffering.

At the Hart Law Firm we will be keeping a close eye on any developments in this story. We sincerely hope that the new speed limit will not have a negative effect on motorists in Texas. However, only time will tell.     

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Automotive Condensers | Franx 09/11/2011 09:09 PM
I guess the proportion of speed and chance of accident are direct for as the high seed of the vehicle increases, the chance of accident also increases. For me, it's up to the driver whether he travel earlier to go on the destination on time.
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