In its strongest recommendation to date, the National Transportation Safety Board called for a nationwide ban on the use of "personal electronic devices" by any and all drivers.


The safety group is concerned not just about car drivers but anyone who operates a vehicle of any kind to include:


  • Truck drivers

  • Boat operators

  • Commercial drivers

  • Pilots

  • Bus drivers


A Long List Incidents Caused by Electronic Distraction


The NTSB issued their latest recommendation following their investigation of a crash that involved a texting driver that hit the back of a slowed semi-truck while texting. This crash caused a chain reaction that involved two buses, a pickup truck and an 18 wheeler and caused 38 injuries and two deaths.


Cell phone records showed that the driver of the pickup who caused the crash had sent and received 11 text messages in the 11 minutes before the crash; the last message sent moments before he struck the back of the semi-truck. Other crashes and incidents caused by electronic distraction include:


  • Two airline pilots that missed their destination due to distraction while using their personal laptops.

  • A crash in which an 18 wheeler crossed the median and hit a 15-passsenger van. 11 people lost their lives and investigators found that the terrible crash was caused by cell phone distraction.

  • A barge operator was using his cell phone and laptop while operating his boat when he ran over a "duck" boat, killing two tourists.


Many studies have been done to determine the impact of electronic devices on crash rates. One study found that commercial or large truck drivers are 163 times more likely to be involved in a safety critical event if they are texting, e-mailing or using the internet.


Will Rules and Regulations Stop Drivers From Texting and Driving?


This is the million dollar question. As texting and cell phone usage laws are fairly new, many studies are currently being done to determine if strict electronic usage laws make an impact on 18 wheeler crash rates in Grapevine, TX and across the nation. So far the results have been mixed, and it seems that only time will tell if lives are saved and crashes prevented when texting and talking are made illegal.


While new regulations may or may not be passed, as experienced Grapevine semi-truck crash lawyers, we know that too many drivers are using their time behind the wheel to multitask. We urge you to put down the phone and drive. There is no call or text worth a life.

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