According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost one-third of all fatalities in car crashes were caused by drunk drivers in 2015. Because Grapevine is a popular destination, many residents, people from nearby communities, and vacationers are out eating and consuming alcohol in our historic downtown or other popular restaurants and bars. While this is good for our economy, this unfortunately also increases the danger that you could be seriously injured in a collision caused by a drunk driver.

Alcohol’s Effects on the Driving Abilities of Grapevine Motorists

Alcohol consumption affects a person’s driving skills in a number of ways that can lead to a tragic drunk driving wreck. Some of these impairments in driving abilities can occur with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of as little as 0.02 percent. Some of the ways that alcohol consumption leads to crashes include:

Slow reaction times.

Alcohol slows down a person’s reaction times, making it less likely that he can quickly respond to a traffic situation, such as if the driver in front of him has to slam on his brakes to avoid a crash.

Lack of coordination.

Alcohol can reduce eye, hand, and foot coordination—another key skill that can limit a driver’s ability to take appropriate actions to avoid a wreck.

Reduced concentration.

Even small amounts of alcohol can reduce a driver’s ability to concentrate, which is a critical skill for the multi-tasking required when driving. For example, drivers must be conscious of their speed and staying in their lane while watching for traffic signs and signals and being aware of other drivers all at the same time.

Decreased vision.

A drunk driver’s vision can be blurred, and he may be unable to control his eye movements, limiting his abilities to see and judge distances correctly.

Impaired judgment.

Alcohol consumption impairs the part of the brain that affects judgment and reasoning. This can prevent a driver from making good judgments when facing driving problems and may lead him to engage in reckless behaviors, such as excessive speeding or tailgating.

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