Your Grapevine accident attorney is happy to report the new changes to the “Hours of Service of Drivers” from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These changes will help protect truck drivers and other motorists on our Grapevine roads. The updates are as follows:
  • An 11-hour driving limit; however, if a 30-minute break was not taken prior to eight consecutive hours of driving, then no more driving may occur.
  • During the 34-hour “restart” or off-duty time, there must be at least two consecutive nighttime periods lasting from 1:00am to 5:00am.
  • The 14 Consecutive Hour Day is now called the Driving Window. There now must be a 30-minute rest break within the 14 hours of driving time.
  • Any violation of these rules will subject the driver or motor carrier to fines for each offense.

Truck driving is serious business. Keeping roads and motorists safe from Grapevine truck crashes is even more serious. Precautions, like the ones above, are not put in place simply to limit drivers, but to improve safety for them and those sharing the road. The effective date for the new provisions is February 27, 2012.

The Hart Law Firm hopes that compliance to the Hours of Service of Drivers helps protect our roads and decreases the number of Grapevine truck crashes. 

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