Today’s vehicles come equipped with the ability to adjust the driver’s seat position, the steering wheel position, side mirrors, and rearview mirrors. Some vehicles even have an option to adjust gas- and brake-pedal height. However, until recently, truck drivers had a very limited range of adjustment in their cabs, which led to unsafe driving conditions. Your Grapevine crash attorney has these statistics to share:
  • As of 2009, truck drivers only made up 1.0% of the nation’s workforce.
  • However, 16.8% of all transportation-related fatalities involved the trucking industry.
  • The percentage of non-fatal injuries from trucking-related accidents was only 2.04%.

In an effort to promote driver safety, truck manufacturers are looking into designing better, more comfortable cabs for drivers. If a driver is constantly squirming and adjusting his seat, then he will not be able to focus properly on the road. Back pain, bottom soreness, and a stiff neck can all be attributed to uncomfortable driving conditions. Truck manufacturers have begun gathering driver body dimensions to custom build cabs for drivers. The last documentation of body dimensions was collected in the early 1980s.

A significant way that body-type affects truck safety is in seat belt use. As many as 62 percent of truck drivers complain that their seat belts are uncomfortable, leading to a low rate of seat belt use among truck drivers. Imagine driving for several hours every day while wearing an uncomfortable seat belt. Many drivers give in to the temptation to skip the belt for a more tolerable ride.

Researchers continue to seek ways to keep truck drivers focused and safe while driving. Your Grapevine crash lawyer is here to support you if you were involved in a Grapevine truck accident due to a driver’s uncomfortable driving environment. 

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