You might be surprised at how serious the injuries could be when a motorcyclist hits another vehicle’s open door. But these crashes can be deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle crashes with fixed objects caused 22 percent of the fatalities in 2013—significantly more than with automobiles and trucks.

Common Injuries Caused in Open-Door Crashes

Open-door crashes are caused by a number of driver errors, including occupants of vehicles not looking before opening their doors and illegally-parked vehicles creating hazards. A motorcycle rider often has insufficient time to veer out of the way of a suddenly open door, causing him to be thrown off his motorcycle. He will often suffer one of these injuries:

Head injuries and traumatic brain injury.

Even a mild blow to the skull could result in traumatic brain injury and life-long problems with reasoning, memory, and concentration.

Whiplash and other neck injuries.

While some back and neck injuries can heal over time, others could result in long-term pain and limits in the rider’s activities.

Spinal cord injuries.

In the most severe cases, these injuries can result in the rider becoming partially or completely paralyzed.

Bruising, cuts, and burns.

These are very common when the rider crashes onto a hard pavement and can cause serious damage to his skin.

Disfigurement and permanent scarring.

In serious cases, this could include the amputation of toes, fingers, hands, feet, or other body parts or disfigurement from burns and serious cuts.

Severe nerve damage.

This can cause the rider to suffer permanent and excruciating pain and limitations in his day-to-day life.

If a motorcyclist is going at a faster speed, the impact would be harder and his injuries more severe. But no matter what speed the motorcyclist is going at the time of the impact, he could face permanent, life-altering injuries or death.

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