News that the first semi-truck from Mexico has entered the U.S. was met with both cheers and jeers. Many believe that allowing the trucks to enter into border states such as Texas will help speed up shipping times. Currently, trucks loaded with cargo such as fresh vegetables have to unload at the border. The goods are then reloaded onto American trucks. This lengthy process is causing serious back-ups at the border. The issue has been compounded by an ongoing shortage of truck drivers in the United States.


Concern Over Safety Abound


Many safety advocates are concerned that allowing trucks and truckers from Mexico to travel freely in the U.S. could cause serious safety issues. Already, large semi-trucks accidents in Denton and across Texas result in injuries and deaths. We have to wonder, if American trucks are already too often unsafe, what will adding a new set of trucks and truckers to our highways do to crash rates?


The new program, part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, is operating under a trial period. Hopefully, the trial will not come at the cost of lives lost to serious trucking crashes.


While our Denton large truck accident attorneys are hopeful that the new program will not cause more crashes, we will be watching this story very carefully.


What do you think? Should the trucks be allowed into the U.S. or should the old restrictions stay in place?

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