Colleyville personal injury attorney David Hart discusses a story where his law firm made an impact on how a trucking company operates their business.

It's very satisfying when our law firm can make a change for the good. The Colleyville personal injury lawyers at the Hart Law Firm represented a young father who was injured in a Texas truck crash with an 18-wheeler. The large trucking company attempted to not pay him and went as far as to blame him for the wrecl.

After filing the lawsuit, we learned that the truck driver did the same thing that caused the truck accident 11 days prior. We also learned that the driver had been involved in four wrecks in the near month and a half he had been with the company.

Further investigation revealed that it had been recommended that the driver should never be allowed to drive a truck following his truck driver training courses...the company hired him anyway. Lastly, we discovered that the trucking company destroyed GPS documents to hide their responsibility.

In the end, the Director of Transportation for the company agreed to pay the full value of the case and committed to making changes in how the company conducted their business to assure something like this never happened again. It was very satisfying to know that we could make a difference.

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