Posted on Feb 19, 2012
Thursday, January 26, 2012 was like any other afternoon as Debbie Brady drove her school bus with four children on board home from school. As they reached a bridge, less than a mile away from each child’s home in Wise County, the bus stopped when it hit a bump.

Brady expected the bus to go over the bump. Instead, it started to sink down into an expanding hole on the bridge. The bridge was under pressure due to a rain-swollen creek. The four-ton bus added enough weight to cause the bridge to collapse. The front of the bus was disappearing into the hole while the back of the bus rose higher and higher with each passing minute. 

Trained to take control during accidents and tornadoes, Brady was able to remain calm in the situation. She safely led all four children out through the front of the bus. There was enough remaining pavement on the bridge by the front door of the bus for the children to walk out safely. Continuing with her job, Brady then began walking each child to his or her home. Eventually, one of the students used a cell phone to call a parent to pick them up.

Earlier in the day, reports were received by Wise County regarding the small dip in the bridge. Crews were on their way to close the bridge, but were about 15 minutes behind the bus.

The Bedford personal injury attorneys at The Hart Law Firm are thankful that neither Brady nor any of the students were injured in this surprising accident. We would also like to express admiration to Ms. Brady for the strength and calmness she exhibited on the scene, which was instrumental in safely returning her passengers to their families.

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