non-subscriber office worker injuries The Hart Law FirmWhile office work is less dangerous than manual labor, construction, factory, and many other jobs, it does pose risks for workers. Employees can suffer serious injuries that cause chronic pain and limitations of movement that prevent them from working while they recover from their injuries. In more serious cases, workers can become permanently disabled. If they work for a non-subscriber employer who does not provide workers’ compensation benefits in Texas, these workers will need to prove their employer’s negligence was the cause of their injuries in order to be entitled to compensation.

Common Causes of Office Workers’ Injuries

If you work for a non-subscriber employer, you need to keep in mind that you can hold your employer accountable for compensating you if you can prove that your employer’s negligence was at least one percent the cause of your injuries. When you establish this, your employer is responsible for compensating you for 100 percent of your damages under Texas law. Many office workplace injuries are caused at least in part by an employer’s negligence. Here are some common causes of injuries that can be based on employer negligence:

Slip and falls.

Slip and fall incidents are probably the leading cause of office workers’ injuries. Spills, water and debris in bathrooms, icy entranceways and parking lots, and torn or frayed carpeting are a few of the reasons that workers can suffer serious injuries in a fall due to an employer’s negligence.


When employers require office workers to lift boxes of office supplies or other objects that are too heavy for them, these employees can suffer strains, sprains, and more serious lifting injuries to their shoulders, backs, and necks.

Repetitive stress injuries.

Office workers often spend hours doing the same physical movements when working on a computer at their desk. This can cause them to suffer repetitive stress injuries, like carpel tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and tendonitis. Many of these injuries could be prevented if employees were given sufficient breaks and some variety in their job duties.

Falling objects.

If office supplies, items in a kitchen, or other objects fall onto an office worker, he can suffer traumatic brain injury, sprains, broken bones, or other serious injuries. In addition, when office machinery is not properly maintained, workers can become hurt if a body part, jewelry, or clothing gets caught in the equipment.

Work stations.

When employers fail to provide office workers with work stations that are ergonomically correct, workers can suffer with long-term, painful injuries, like carpel tunnel syndrome, eye strain, and neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Proper work equipment is essential to preventing these potentially debilitating injuries.

Protect Your Right to Compensation by Retaining an Experienced Non-Subscriber Workplace Injury Attorney

If you suffered an injury at your office job caused even in small part by your employer’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, you need the help of an experienced non-subscriber workplace injury attorney who can obtain the evidence to prove your employer’s negligence and the amount of your damages.

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