T-bone accidents—also known as side impact or broadside crashes—occur when one vehicle slams into the side of another vehicle. They can cause surprisingly serious injuries due to the lack of protection the victim has—only a door and door window. In addition, victims can be partially ejected from the vehicle or their car could be pushed into other vehicles—also contributing to more life-altering injuries.

Common Causes of T-Bone Accidents

Side impact accidents are one of the most common types of crash and most often occur at intersections, traffic signals, or traffic signs. The major reasons drivers cause these collisions include:

Failing to stop.

At four-way stops, many motorists do not obey the rule to come to a complete stop. Instead, they often roll through the intersection right into the side of another vehicle legally proceeding through the intersection.

Failing to yield.

Another way T-bone crashes happen at four-way stops is when drivers fail to follow the traffic rule to yield to the person to the driver’s left.

Running a red light.

Drivers speeding through a red light risk causing a side impact collision—with more serious injuries because the driver is racing through the light.

Turning across traffic lanes.

When a driver is turning left across traffic lanes at an intersection, he must wait until he has the right of way to proceed. In most cases, the driver turning left will be found negligent in causing one of these crashes.

Not gauging traffic.

Some drivers making a right turn at an intersection fail to realize they have insufficient time to proceed at a stop light or stop sign or do not see a speeding vehicle that suddenly appears.

Using a cellphone.

If a driver is texting or talking on a cellphone, he is more likely to cause any type of crash—including a side impact one.

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