Large truck crashes in Texas follow much the same patterns of accidents outside the state. The only difference between TX and many other states is the fact that it is a major shipping route for trucks coming from and going to Mexico. In addition, trucks often cut across Texas on their way across the country. The result: More semi-trucks, and trucking crashes, than most other states. The NHTSA, working with the FMCSA, looked at national crash data over a 33 month period. After compiling the crash data researchers found that the top ten factors that caused semi-trucks to crash are:

1.     Brake problems

2.     Traffic congestion or a previous crash on the road ahead

3.     Prescription drug use

4.     Traveling too fast for conditions

5.     Unfamiliarity with roadway

6.     Roadway problems

7.     Required to stop before the crash (crosswalk or traffic control device)

8.     Over-the-counter drug use

9.     Inadequate surveillance

10.                        Fatigue

Using the Data to Prevent Trucking Accidents

Now that the agencies know what the primary causes of semi-truck crashes are, what can be done to prevent them? Currently, legislation that would increase regulations that affect large truck safety is being considered by the Senate.  In addition, the NHTSA and FMCSA used the data to inform their safety and crash avoidance recommendations.

Why Learning the Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accident is Important

As Dallas, TX 18-wheeler accident attorneys, we hope that a better understanding of semi crashes can help you avoid a crash. We are firm believers that knowledge is power and have created articles that inform both our clients and all crash victims across Texas.

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