Though the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is primarily charged with the duty of ensuring that large trucks in our state are following safety guidelines, more and more local police departments are sharing the duty. Many officers in Euless, Dallas and Tarrant County are now certified to inspect large trucks, both long haul and local commercial, to ensure that the trucks are safe enough to be on the road. The uptick in officer training has been prompted by the high number of dangerous trucks and loads that police have observed. 

How North Texas Police are Working to Prevent Truck Crashes

DPS is doing their best to stop dangerous trucks, however, too many trucks work to avoid inspections stations. This is where your local police department steps in. Patrolling officers are better able to spot and stop trucks that appear to be in ill-repair. According to Lewisville Police Chief Russ Kerbow, the city began its truck safety program in 2008 after a trucks faulty brake systems caused a serious crash. 

"Since this January we've inspected 213 trucks resulting in 248 citations," said Kerbow. "We put 133 of those trucks out of service and wrote more than 1,300 warnings for minor violations. The fines offset some of the expense.  The paramount issue for us is public safety."

The Most Dangerous Trucks in Texas

According to police, the trucks that are riddled with the most safety violations are local, construction related trucks.  Too often, the drivers of these trucks are not concerned with the safety and maintenance of the vehicle. Even when they do express concern over the conditions of the truck, their supervisor often puts them off and makes the driver choose between safety and their job.  A Texas DPS trooper, Sgt. Brandon Calvin, says that this problem is all too common. 

"We've had guys pull up to an officer and say, ‘Please put me out of service because my boss won't fix this,'" he said. "Then they tell their boss, ‘They stopped me at random.'"

The Danger of Large Truck Accidents

While crashes with 18-wheelers and other large trucks are the exception, not the rule, there is no denying that a crash with a commercial truck is almost always more serious than a car/car crash.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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