If you have been involved in an accident with a truck we don't need to tell you how serious a Dallas truck crash can be. While injuries sustained during any accident vary in severity, crashes that involve a semi truck tend to cause more complex, life threatening injuries.

The Most Common Injuries Caused by an 18 Wheeler Accident

As experienced Fort Worth large truck crash attorneys we have seen our fair share of accidents with a semi truck. Unfortunately, many of the injuries our truck crash clients sustain are serious, even fatal. Listed below are some of the most common truck crash related injuries we see in Texas:

·        Broken bones- A break, or multiple breaks, often occur in the: hand, arm, leg, hip and ribs.

·        Spinal cord injury- This often catastrophic injury can cause partial or full paralysis. The effects of a spinal cord injury can be permanent.

·        Traumatic brain injury (TBI)- A TBI occurs when some form of trauma effects the brain. The impact of the crash can fracture or puncture the skull or it may shake the brain violently enough to cause swelling and internal bleeding. Either of these types of traumatic brain injuries can be debilitating or fatal.

·        Internal bleeding- A ruptured spleen or general internal bleeding can be a serious, life threatening injury. In some crashes the ribs break, puncturing the lung and causing a collapsed lung and further bleeding.

This list does not represent every type of serious injury possible during a crash with a semi truck. However, it does give you an idea as to just how common, and debilitating, these injuries are.

Help Recovering- Both Physically and Financially

If there is any kind of dispute after your accident, you may be left holding the bill. Medical bills pile up while your time away from work gives you no money to even start to pay them. Perhaps the insurance company has offered you a compensation package but you are unsure if it's enough to pay for your current and future medical needs, not to mention make up for your time off work; pain and suffering. The truck accident lawyers at the Hart Law Firm urge you to never sign any forms without the advice of a trusted attorney. Signing on the dotted line can limit your compensation, leaving you drowning in debt. Let us take away your worries, shoulder your burden. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

If you've been injured in a truck accident you need to speak with an experienced truck accident injury attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Colleyville office directly at 817.485.8888 to schedule your free consultation.

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