Texas is a big state with more big commercial trucks than almost any other state. Too often, this means big, deadly accidents on highways in Dallas, Fort Worth, and across North Texas. In fact, large truck crashes can and do injure and kill thousands each year. But who is being hurt during these accidents? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiles crash data from across the nation and reports on the impact that large truck crashes have on motorists.


A Shocking Statistic

During the most serious car/large truck accidents involving at least one fatality, 98 percent of the deaths were the occupants in the passenger vehicle. This means that for every 100 deaths, 98 were those riding in the car, not the 18-wheeler. Not every large truck crash causes fatalities, but 3,100 people die in crashes with large trucks each year. This number, while tragic, does not come close to the number of people injured during a semi truck crash. For every death, hundreds are injured - sometimes seriously.


The Most Dangerous Trucks

Not all trucks are created equal. Multiple trailer trucks which are hauling two or more trailers don't handle as well as single trailer trucks. The multiple connection points cause the truck and trailer to become more unstable, causing higher rates of:


  • Jackknifing

  • Overturning

  • Lane encroachments (crossing over the center line)


All of these events are common causes of trucking crashes. The risks of such events increase with the number of trailers that are being pulled.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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