When compared to the many dramatic ways in which human beings can be seriously injured during major accidents or violent crimes against persons, a dog bite sounds relatively insignificant.

Trust us. It's not. Especially when the animal doing the biting is a seething pit bull. An animal attack's aftermath can be sweeping and potentially lasting. An innocent dog bite injury victim could face permanent disfigurement, a rabies infection or lifelong fear of animals.

This is why the Texas state legislature enacted House Bill 1355 to ensure that owners of animals act responsibly by regulating those animals' exposure to others. And this is why The Hart Law Firm is the firm that puts you first.

Most cities have leash laws to protect you from roaming dogs, and it is now state law that an animal owner may be liable for injuries sustained when a dog, for example, lashes out at a human being. The animal owner has a duty to compensate you for damages and send you on the road to recovery.

David G. Hart, experienced dog bite and animal attack injury attorney in Colleyville, will work hard to win the kind of compensation you deserve for the pain you've suffered and treatments you've had to pay for.

If a roving, unattended pet attacks you, causing injuries, please call us immediately, toll-free. We've devoted years of successful law practice to representing a wide variety of injury needs for our fellow Texans.

Putting Your Animal Attack Injury First

Dog bite injury reports dominate our state's and nation's animal attack injury claims. But many other kinds of domesticated animals can cause harm, not to mention liability problems for owners. Birds and cats can violently attack human beings, injuring others and putting their owners in legal jeopardy.

Proximity to non-domesticated animals can also be hazardous to your health. Large-cat families located in rural areas can menace life and limb. Liability issues from these examples will differ from those related to dogs or domestic cats, depending on the jurisdiction.

Your first meeting with our skilled, sympathetic dog bite injury lawyer in Colleyville is your first step on the road to recovery. It is also your opportunity to benefit from the hard work we do to achieve compensation for our animal attack victim clients.

We boast a wealth of dog bite injury claim experience and provide consistently accurate advice, strategies, details and updates during your case. Please be in touch with our law offices if a disfiguring dog bite or animal attack has rudely, painfully interrupted your life.

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