If a drunk driver caused your accident in Euless, you probably know that you need to file a claim with his insurance company but you may wonder if you need an attorney to represent you. The negligent driver’s insurance company may even discourage you from hiring an attorney to “save money.” However, it would be a mistake to follow the insurance adjuster’s advice or to attempt to settle your claim by yourself. Doing so could very well result in you receiving less than you are entitled to in your settlement.

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer Following A DUI Wreck The Hart Law Firm

Why Retaining an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Is Crucial to Protecting Your Legal Rights

There are a few situations where a victim can settle his own drunk driving claim, but these cases are rare. If you suffered only minor injuries and did not miss any work because of your injuries, you may be able to negotiate your own settlement. However, in most cases, a lawyer will give you the following advantages:

Understanding of law.

An attorney will understand the laws that determine what you have to prove to win your case, the statute of limitations to file your lawsuit, and other important Texas laws that will affect your case.

Investigation and collection of evidence.

A lawyer will be able to conduct a more thorough investigation of your crash than you can because he knows what evidence you need. This can include viewing the scene, obtaining witness statements, collecting videos, surveillance tapes, and pictures, obtaining BAC results, and retaining a crash reconstruction expert. He can also collect your medical records and bills, wage loss documents, and other evidence you need to prove the value of your claim. Even if the drunk driver’s liability is clear cut, you will need to prove your claim.

Communication with the insurance company.

You can leave communicating with the insurance company to your lawyer, which will avoid you making inadvertent mistakes by what you say or agree to. Your attorney will understand the tactics that insurance adjusters use and will be able to negotiate your settlement so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Value of your claim.

It can be complicated to determine the value of your claim, especially if you suffered a permanent disability, have future medical expenses, or can no longer work—common in DUI cases. In addition, determining how much you deserve for your pain and suffering is not easy. An attorney will have the necessary skills to determine how much would be a fair settlement based on his years of experience settling and trying these cases.


While many car crash cases settle out of court, you will need an attorney to file your lawsuit and aggressively litigate your case if the insurance company refuses to be reasonable.

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