Blurred image of two taxi cabs The Hart Law FirmThe traffic congestion in Dallas and Fort Worth can be difficult to navigate, which is why many people use taxis while here on business or vacation. Some people also forgo owning a car and rely on cab service for transportation. While it's convenient to allow another person to handle the driving, you're also not in control if there's a problem. If you're injured in a taxicab accident, whether as a passenger in the cab or as a driver of your vehicle, you have the right to compensation for your injuries.

Potential Problems That Make Settlement Difficult

Victims of taxi collisions may assume that settling their case will be easy. However, two common problems that often happen are:

Liability issues.

If you're a passenger in the taxi, it's extremely unlikely the taxi company’s insurer will try to claim you were at fault in causing the crash. However, if you happened to be driving a vehicle, you may have to prove you weren't negligent in the incident. If you were a cab passenger during an accident with another motorist, the insurance companies for both parties could dispute liability.

Multiple passenger claims.

If more than one passenger is injured in your accident, the total value of the claims for compensation might exceed the insurance policy limits. In Dallas and Fort Worth, taxi companies are required to carry $500,000 in insurance coverage, which is more than the $300,000 medical coverage and $100,000 accidental death coverage outlined by Texas law. However, the severity of the incident may make full compensation to all victims unavailable, and they'll have to settle for less.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Taxi Accident?

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