Using technology is the latest way to monitor a truck driver’s behavior. Tracking has been at the forefront for fleet owners due to the new CSA enforcement program, which was instated last year by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The hope is that this will not only promote good driving behavior, but also be a preventative measure. Monitoring a truck driver’s behavior will hopefully lead to fewer Colleyville truck crashes.

Using technology can provide information regarding driver habits. Bad driving habits have the potential of causing dangerous situations on the road. They may lead to road rage and cause other drivers to be more defensive on the road. If the bad habits are recorded, drivers may become more aware of their problems and learn to overcome these dangerous habits.

Inside Information

Brian McLaughlin, chief operating officer for PeopleNet, and his mobile communications company are working to incorporate information from devices such as lane departure monitoring systems, rollover prevention products, speed monitoring and black box data. They are also looking into shutting trucks down remotely to help prevent accidents.

Outside Information

The MobileEye system uses cameras to identify lane markings and vehicles beside and in front of vehicles. It uses audible alerts if the truck moves too close to the lane markings on either side or when a crash is imminent. This system also has the capability of sending information back to the fleet. Instant “how’s my driving” information is given to those in charge.

Your Colleyville truck crash lawyer wants to keep you informed of what may be happening in the trucks around you. We strive to provide you with the latest information to keep you as safe as possible while on the road. Despite these new systems, always be aware of the road and those sharing it with you. Fasten your seat belt at all times and keep to the highway speeds listed.

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