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Colleyville Truck Crashes Caused by Improper Loading

Truck drivers are frequently overloaded with work. Their trucks may also be improperly loaded, which has the potential to cause a serious Colleyville truck crash. The following issues can cause dangerous truck crashes:
  • Overloading – This occurs when hauls exceed gross vehicle weight ratings or tire, axle and suspension ratings and capabilities. Overloading can lead to brake failure and longer distances needed to stop the truck.
  • Center of gravity too high – If piles are stacked too high, the risk of roll-overs may increase.
  • Outsize or oversized – Special driving skill and special permits are needed to drive these loads. If the route is not properly planned, oversized loads can cause damage to roads or collisions with low height or narrow bridges and tunnels.
  • Unbalanced or off-centered – This can affect handling and cause damage to the truck itself and its tires. Too much or too little weight on the steering axle can cause a dangerous steering situation; too much or too little weight on the drive axle affects traction.
  • Unsecured load – Cargo that is not secured properly can cause the load to shift or slide on the truck and affect the handling of the vehicle. If cargo falls off the truck, it can create a road hazard. If the covering on the load tears, the sight of the driver or other vehicles around the truck may be impaired.

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